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2018 Date for diary!

 To be confirmed expected May 2018. National Slot car Exhibition/slot car festival where we will have a powertrack stand/display.  
Link for 2017 show:
It shows map etc. I think some will be travelling from great distance!


FOUND : Ex Lesney Factory, Rochford....Lanechanger and spares.  Also later type race and chase controllers with black switch. Found in a PP2000 set


PARTS update:
We now have a good soft grade silcon tyre in black. 

Designs and manufacture lined up for pickups in std 6v and wide type 18v


The 18v collection
The 18v collection

Car Servicing

I offer a car servicing service @ £6 per car.(Plus parts and return postage costs, Includes small body repairs, fitting of new tyres, windows, spigots and pickups/springs (Plus Part costs).

Buy cars from me and everything will be cleaned tested and renewed as necessary on the cars for just £6 extra per car. 

Cars and track pieces are relatively simple to service. I have put together a short video guide for car Servicing.......I will ad track etc servicing and set servicing too...in due course.

Cars - DIY guide and intro video below



CARS - The most important thing on car servicing is taking CARE not to damage the chassis or the body.


To the left is a typical car service kit



  • Tools needed for cars:  PP3 9v battery, small pillips screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, cloth, long nose pliers
  • Materials needed for cars: soap and water, cotton buds, 3in1 oil, 
  • Table with spotlamp, I also use a cork lined clamp and stand (optional as it can be done without quite easily)
  • Spares handy to have, silicon tyres, pinion gear (spigot), pickups and springs, lamps, can motors, rear and front axles with gear. 

 A great simple test for cars can be performed with a PP3 9v battery. Makes testing so much easier. You can also make up a small transformer with connections distant appart to match the pickup seperation on the chassis.


This is a collection of spares and servicing materials, of course there is a Matchbox Powertrack servicing toolkit made for the shops that carried out car servicing. I would add a pair of tweasers or long nose pliers too.


Picture below is of the original toolkit only supplied to resellers of the powertrack product.





  • Damp cloth, Matchbox track cleaner/scraper (see picture). 

This is the track cleaner, every set should have been shipped with one of these. With the track un-powered, this can be used to scrape along the track at 45 degrees to give the track lines a clean. Its very good however it can lead to greater pickup wear as the track lines can be sharp. So the cars will need a v.light oiling (I use a 3in1 light oil) of the pickups to prevent wear to the pickups as the cars race around the track.


  • Dont forget to also clean the joins (where the track pieces meet)

Its quite common for track tht has not been used for a while to corrode at the joint end, a small piece of fine grade emery paper can be used stuck to a matchstick or narrow piece of wood/plastic to rub on the metal that joins with the next track. Nothing worse than a car stopping at the next piece of track!


  • Check each track join before running the cars

It sometimes can happen that the track join metal sections raise a little, this can cause the car to hit them and jump and also causes wear to the contacts that does eventually lead to a hole in the pickups. So before running check each join, if there are any raised sections, then these can be careful pressed down, using the track cleaner.

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