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2018 Date for diary!

 To be confirmed expected May 2018. National Slot car Exhibition/slot car festival where we will have a powertrack stand/display.  
Link for 2017 show:
It shows map etc. I think some will be travelling from great distance!


FOUND : Ex Lesney Factory, Rochford....Lanechanger and spares.  Also later type race and chase controllers with black switch. Found in a PP2000 set


PARTS update:
We now have a good soft grade silcon tyre in black. 

Designs and manufacture lined up for pickups in std 6v and wide type 18v


The 18v collection
The 18v collection

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  • CALVET (Tuesday, March 29 16 10:14 pm BST)

    hi, I just bought several pieces in order to repair what can I do on my own but it seams to be more difficult as I thought.
    Is it possible to send you severals chassis (missing springs, work too slow,...) or cars (missing windows)?
    Thank you for helping and sorry for my bad and too old english :P

  • Tom (Thursday, March 03 16 10:46 am GMT)

    Hi there, last week I dusted off my PowerTrack 2000 set; it was not used during the last 25 years! To my surprise,I got it to work, but the contact strips on the cars (PT104, PT103, PT105
    Jägermeister edition and PT106) are totally worn. Which would be the the best type of contact strips to replace these? I would really like to get this track in good condition again!
    Also, would PowerTrack2000 be compatible with a lane changer or does that require other cars?

  • eoin (Wednesday, July 15 15 01:40 pm BST)

    Hi Andy, Could you put a link up for the new forum when you get a chance. Thanks Eoin.

  • Andy Hooper (Friday, May 29 15 03:43 pm BST)

    The rarity of several 12/18v cars is alledged to be due to a factory fire at the DAPOL warehouse.....'In 1994, while the company was moving to its previous location at Llangollen in North Wales, a
    huge fire destroyed the old site at Winsford in Cheshire, and large quantities of products and historical Wrenn material were destroyed.' Those 'products' may have included a vast storage of the
    above cars pre-distribution. It is believed that only some stocks were released with these cars, in Powertrack Plus, PROOPS and Counterlane sets. Does anyone know more about this....please comment or
    use the Contact form...thanks

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