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.New Service Kits added with Front tyres too.

SPEEDRACING Cars - updated pages


SlotzPartz Formula+Track Cleaning Fluid now available

NEW 6v Pickups - still trying to get made in the UK now, 12v hopefully to follow too, but based on demand.

NEW - Headlight and Window Glass being added to Spares section.

NEW - 6.5mm/8mm (one size fits both) front hub tyres now available!!

May 18th and 19th 2019. National Slot car Exhibition/slot car festival where we had a powertrack stand/display.

Link for 2018 show:
It shows map etc. I think some will be travelling from great distance!


Jan 2018 Ex Project Manager at Lesney London E9, collection of moulded shells of Powertrack and Lanechanger, unusual box art etc. Powertrack and LaneChanger prototype

Ex Lesney Factory, Rochford....Lanechanger and spares.  Also later type race and chase controllers with black switch. Found in a PP2000 set


PARTS update:
We now have a good soft grade silcon tyre in black. Smaller tyres that fit both the 6.5mm front and 8mm rims. See the Sales/Spares section.



For UK Delivery, with the size of track parts Free delivery is not be possible on orders that include large or heavy items. So please use delivery options at bottom of the page. Anything ordered with 15" track will be a medium parcel. Outside UK please choose Delivery option at the bottom of this page too. Thank you.

Track pieces - Please Read before ordering:

New track is listed as such either singular or boxed (Maybe boxed or loose but wll be stated)


Used Track:

All track is thoroughly cleaned and tested, no track I sell will having broken connectors


Delivery:  When ordering Track, delivery of other spares will not incur extra delivery charge, but please add a delivery option before checking out on Cart when adding or ordering track, thank you. Applies to all orders that include Track. **DELIVERY OPTIONS Listed near bottom of page**

New for 2021

SlotzPartz Track Cleaner,

250ml available in Singles, sorry but due to bottle and formula pricing and transport, these costs have all risen and are reflected in the 2022 pricing.

This new cleaning liquid not only cleans it protects the track too.

Ive been using this for several years and it revitalises old track and keeps the rails not only clean but preserves them too.

Can be shipped with orders as now stocked ready.

Comes with guide notes, essential to read.



Straight Track 9" x6

£1.00 each or

£5.00 for 6





90 degree curve Qty 1 or 6

£1.00 each or

£5.00 for 6




9" Terminal track piece 'for 2 car layouts'






9" Terminal track piece 'Race and Chase'

Brand New 'old stock'



PT206 15" Straight.

Choice...pack of 2 pieces new on card, or x1 / x6 used/cleaned.


Choose Type/Quantity


6" Straight x2





45 degree curve x2





Outer Curve 45 degree (from 8000 4 lane set) x2



Cross Roads 15"




Straight Cross Over 9"  x2 (From PP3000 set)


£25.00 OUT of STOCK


Barrier, in good condition all clips good.


£1 each or £7.50 for 10.


2x Aprons for 90 degree curve supplied with 2 end caps, one for each end of full 180 degree curve. (As supplied in the PT6000 - RACE and Chase Sets)




Topple bridge complete




45 degree banked curve x4, complete with 2x 15" twisted straights and 4x bank curve supports, as supplied in the PT5000 set.



Straight Cross Over 15" x2




PT206 Straight 15" x6 in sealed box (NEW and unopened)


£17.50 pk


PT221 Boxed Lap Counter




Loop set, includes track loop stand, screws and metal loop section. (Originally only found in the PP9000 and the Proops white box loop add-on set)






UK Delivery

Delivery Type
Add Info or requests

Europe Tracked and Signed For




Australia / USA tracked


Track pieces were pretty standard until the race and chase and powertrack plus sets were released. Some of those track pieces are rare.


I have compiled the following list....I have all for sale, most listed above...


The RH intersection (clever system where there is a slot inside the track which allows a car at speed to continue, slow down at the car will turn right)

The LH intersection (clever system where there is a slot inside the track which allows a car at speed to continue, slow down at the car will turn left). 

RH and LH corner junctions above were available in plain black std or with yellow striping as in Race and Chase 2.

Banked curve from the PT5000 set, 

The cross roads, came with Spiderman and Hulk sets. 

The short 9" straight coss-over track, this has white lines. (Two are needed on a race layout)

The longer 15" straight cross-over, again two needed on a race layout to keep lane polarity)

The rare cross-over jump track, icluded in the PP3000 set being demonstrated by the Rare 'White Fiat' in the PP Booklet.

The outer corners used on the 8000 set (allowing for 4 lane racing)

8000 set, some were shipped with lane 3 and 4 start tracks, some had two 1 and 2 start  tracks with opposite power connectors

Race and Chase 2 had a rare start track piece without the lane number markings.

PP9000 had a loop track, the magnets on the cars and the speed of the cars led to this track enabling the cars to loop. This track peice had a metal loop which tended to rust if stored anywhere but completely dry.  There were a few chrome versions of the loop too!


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