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.New Service Kits added with Front tyres too.

SPEEDRACING Cars - updated pages


SlotzPartz Formula+Track Cleaning Fluid now available

NEW 6v Pickups - still trying to get made in the UK now, 12v hopefully to follow too, but based on demand.

NEW - Headlight and Window Glass being added to Spares section.

NEW - 6.5mm/8mm (one size fits both) front hub tyres now available!!

May 18th and 19th 2019. National Slot car Exhibition/slot car festival where we had a powertrack stand/display.

Link for 2018 show:
It shows map etc. I think some will be travelling from great distance!


Jan 2018 Ex Project Manager at Lesney London E9, collection of moulded shells of Powertrack and Lanechanger, unusual box art etc. Powertrack and LaneChanger prototype

Ex Lesney Factory, Rochford....Lanechanger and spares.  Also later type race and chase controllers with black switch. Found in a PP2000 set


PARTS update:
We now have a good soft grade silcon tyre in black. Smaller tyres that fit both the 6.5mm front and 8mm rims. See the Sales/Spares section.


The 18v collection
The 18v collection


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  • michael mahoney (Friday, February 07 20 06:55 pm GMT)

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Rich (Thursday, April 18 19 05:30 am BST)

    just won a speedtrack car on e-bay and was looking for info on it. just getting back into the hobby after a 23 yr. layoff. nice site, very helpful

  • Angelo (Thursday, January 24 19 06:25 pm GMT)

    Complimenti !!!
    Bravo , volevo sapere se hai anche Facebook .

  • steve gibson (Tuesday, January 22 19 07:08 pm GMT)

    hi, i have just ordered tyes, pick ups and springs for my race and chase cars.

  • Owen (Tuesday, February 13 18 09:16 am GMT)

    Great site Andy, love it. I actually grew up in Rochford, not far from the old factory - my Dad took me there when one of the cars didnt work out of the box and they gave us a new one - sadly that's all I can remember from age 9!
    I'm restoring the Race and Chase now for my little girl, I'm so glad to have found somewhere I can get new tyres!

  • Dean (Saturday, May 20 17 01:32 pm BST)

    Just got my vintage Race and Chase set in the mail on Friday. Tracked one down finally after doing some leg work to find one. It has the Police car missing.
    Brings back some great memories of playing in the hallway as a kid.
    Thank you Andy for the great job of setting up this site. Awesome information and my new home for bits and pieces that I need.
    Look forward to supporting you.
    G'day from Perth, Western Australia ??

  • Steve Mann (Wednesday, May 17 17 09:08 am BST)

    Hi Andy, Great to meet at slot fest 17, Our chat about powertrack very useful. Will keep a look out on my travels. Refards Steve, (Minic Motorway)

  • Steve Mann (Wednesday, May 17 17 09:04 am BST)

    Hi Andy. Great to meet you at slot car fest. Our chat about powertrack was very helpful. will keep a lookout on my travels. All the best Steve Mann, (Minic Motorway)

  • Richard (Thursday, February 23 17 06:07 pm GMT)

    Superb site. Brought all those memories back. Great to have all this info in one place. Have a couple of old sets in my loft, both Lanechanger and Powertrack. Also have a quite scarce A4 Powertrack brochure in excellent condition. Could send some scans if you would like to add to your site.

  • Mike Hudson (Sunday, February 05 17 08:58 am GMT)

    Just found a Race N Chase set in my Mums loft, pretty complete missing the Corvette and the Police car is a bit bashed up.
    Looking forward to trying to restore it all. Your Car servicing video is a great source of info.
    Love the site !

  • DELPORTE (Monday, March 07 16 04:49 pm GMT)

    Hello from France Andy, absolutely great site. When i have read it for the first time, i was like my forteen for my first P2000 powertrack. Sorry for my English, i try to be read.
    Do you make some stickers or is it possible you to set me a picture. I need to restore my jaguar and i would like to have the car Hood sticker's. I could print it.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Bobby (Tuesday, September 08 15 09:03 pm BST)

    Hello my name is Bobby great site fantastic I saw my matchbox powertrack board in green with the 2 circular tracks in your photos I was the guy who built that

  • Eoin (Tuesday, April 07 15 11:23 am BST)

    Hello from Ireland, brilliant site.
    Just started to get back into collecting bits to get my sets back up & running. Best Wishes

  • Eddie Evans (Sunday, March 22 15 11:30 pm GMT)

    Great Site Andy, I created the Wikipedia page with the help of XYSdad. I am interested in obtaining the Taxi shell and wonder if you could expand on how to do this on your site. I have added your
    site to links section to the Wikipedia site as well

  • Allan Lyford (Tuesday, January 20 15 03:07 pm GMT)

    Hi Andy, Thanks for supplying the spare parts for me to renovate the Monza 2000 Powertrack that I originally brought for my sons long ago. So their their sons can enjoy it as well. A special thanks
    also for sorting out the part of the order that went missing with paypal, and supplying the parts and fitting instructions so quickly.

  • Graham Morgan (Wednesday, January 14 15 01:42 pm GMT)

    Love the Site. Will buy some cars in near future. Have been looking for someone local to buy spare parts from too. I know you also serviced my cars but could you please include servicing section on
    the site for maintenance.

  • Lee Townsend (Monday, January 12 15 09:30 pm GMT)

    I\'ve just purchased 3 sets of tyres and a race and chase controller to get my old set running. My 5 & 3 year old children spent all evening with all the lights in the house off racing. They
    don\'t make them like this anymore!

  • joe (Sunday, August 03 14 08:24 pm BST)

    Love the website!! as a kid in 1978 I was given an international 1000 speedtrack for xmas. Corvette vs Porsche and 33ft of track to determine a winner. I still have it and thanks to ebay I get it up
    and running every 5 to 10 years or so. I'm currently looking to build a permanent track setup (20'x12') on a pulley system in my garage as it has grown in size over the years.

  • (Sunday, May 18 14 07:12 pm BST)

    hi andy how are you ?... did you see my tr7 video clip.. was a bit of fun.. also I am happy to see you have some of my pics on your super site..please use any photos that you like . chat soon paul

  • Russ Stokes (Wednesday, March 19 14 08:19 am GMT)

    Absolutely top bloke!
    Met up with Andy recently and he's such a nice, helpful, friendly guy.
    So glad I've made friends with another Powertrack nut! (-;

  • paul murphy (Monday, March 17 14 05:14 pm GMT)

    love your web site...andy all the best & hope you keep up the good work :)

  • DirkSalzsieder (Saturday, March 08 14 01:51 pm GMT)

    Hi Andy,

    many greetings from germany.
    May your (and my) collection be bigger and bigger.....

    Good luck

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