PT NEWS          Spring 2024

.New Service Kits added with Front tyres too.

SPEEDRACING Cars - updated pages


SlotzPartz Formula+Track Cleaning Fluid now available

NEW 6v Pickups - still trying to get made in the UK now, 12v hopefully to follow too, but based on demand.

NEW - Headlight and Window Glass being added to Spares section.

NEW - 6.5mm/8mm (one size fits both) front hub tyres now available!!

May 18th and 19th 2019. National Slot car Exhibition/slot car festival where we had a powertrack stand/display.

Link for 2018 show:
It shows map etc. I think some will be travelling from great distance!


Jan 2018 Ex Project Manager at Lesney London E9, collection of moulded shells of Powertrack and Lanechanger, unusual box art etc. Powertrack and LaneChanger prototype

Ex Lesney Factory, Rochford....Lanechanger and spares.  Also later type race and chase controllers with black switch. Found in a PP2000 set


PARTS update:
We now have a good soft grade silcon tyre in black. Smaller tyres that fit both the 6.5mm front and 8mm rims. See the Sales/Spares section.



All the DAPOL cars have lights, all cars were the same as the Matchbox Powertrack and Powertrack Plus ones, although the range is somewhat streamlined


M1       PP133 Police Car 18v

M2       PP135 BMW

M3       PP131 Porsche 911 Red

M4       PP138 Porsche 936 White

M5       PP134 Corvette

M6       PP132 TR7 Green

M7       PP137 Renault Alpine

M8       PP136 Jaguar XJC (captioned incorrectly as XJS

M9       PP159 SuperBoss Truck (captioned as Bandag Bandit in picture below)

M10     PT113 Police Car 6v

M11     PT105  BMW 6v


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